Councillor dropped from school board

A COUNCILLOR who was removed from the Board of Governors of Banbridge High School for non-attendance, has been criticised by a fellow councillor.

The UUP’s John Hanna was dropped from the Board recently with the reason for removal recorded as “non-attendance”.

When contacted by the Leader Mr Hanna said he did not want to make a comment on the matter. But DUP councillor Junior McCrum, who sits on the Board, is calling for answers as to Mr Hanna’s non-attendance.

“This is the second occasion in the space of a week where a prominent local UUP representative has hit the headlines over their absenteeism. In both cases ill health wasn’t an issue.

“In this Councillor John Hanna has been put off the Board of Governors of a local school with the official reason given as his non-attendance.

“There are very real questions that now need to be answered about just how seriously some local political representatives actually take their duties. Public shortcomings such as these will only serve to create the impression that some politicians are only interested in the electorate whenever polling day approaches and they are out canvassing for votes. But that after the election is safely out of the way things return to normal until the next election is called.

“This issue of political absenteeism and failure is particularly relevant here in Upper Bann and especially in Banbridge.”