Edenderry PTA sees gold stars

Friends of Edenderry PTA pick up gold award
Friends of Edenderry PTA pick up gold award

The PTA at Edenderry Primary School have picked up a prestigious NI Gold Star Award at Stormont.

It was a proud day for all associated with the ‘Friends of Edenderry’ PTA committee members Nicole McKelvie, Lisa Buchanan and Mechelle Harshaw, as they collected the award on May 21.

Friends of Edenderry was nominated and won in the Fundraising Success Category for their Spring 2013 Copper Challenge initiative.

In the weeks running up to last Easter purses were emptied, piggybanks were raided, change was saved and sofas were searched and the total raised was well over £1000.

In fact, it was calculated that if all the 1ps and 2ps collected together had been laid in a line, they would have reached from Edenderry Primary School to Lenaderg. That’s a lot of coins.

A calculator was used to work this out though, as the committee said it was easier on the knees than doing it for real.

Speaking at the event the Minister of Education praised the work of all Northern Ireland PTAs.

He stated that they are integral to the life of their school and in particular declared that all the PTAs who had been named winners could be hugely proud of their achievements.

Friends of Edenderry were justifiably delighted and said: “We really feel this is not just a good news story for Friends of Edenderry.

“It is also a reward for the positive attitude that runs right the way through our school community, from our dedicated Headmaster and Senior Management, the fantastic staff, the wonderful pupils whose school lives we are trying to enrich, and the grandparents, parents and guardians who have helped us win this award and who help with all our initiatives. We place on record our gratitude to them all.”

The three committee members will soon travel to London to the UK award finals which are to be held on June 11.

While there, they will not only hope to further place Friends of Edenderry on the national PTA map, but to meet and share experiences with members of other winning PTA committees around the UK.

On their return, Nicole, Lisa, Mechelle and the rest of the Friends of Edenderry team will be throwing all their efforts into the Friends of Edenderry Summer Fun Night, which is being held this year on the evening of Thursday June 19. This is one of the highlights of the school year, and again there will be lots of amazing animals, games, stalls, fun and laughs.

They also there will also be lots of warmth and sunshine and the usual huge crowd will turn out to enjoy themselves.