DUP’s Sydney Anderson returns to Stormont after second count

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The DUP’s Sydney Anderson has been returned as an MLA after the second count of the Upper Bann constituency.

The veteran politician was returned after receiving transfer votes from his party colleague Carla Lockhart who was elected on the first count.

Little movement has been made since the third count during which Emma Hutchinson of the NI Labour Representation Committee, Stephen McCarroll of the NSP and Ian Nickels of An Parti Caomhach were eliminated.

Speculation is emerging that a split in the unionist vote may see three nationalists returned with Sinn Fein’s Catherine Seeley, John O’Dowd and the SDLP’s Dolores Kelly being returned.

Catherine Seeley is sitting currently with 6165.29 total vote while John O’Dowd has 5210.42 total vote.

Dolores Kelly is currently sitting with 4342.72 total vote.

However Jo-Anne Dobson of the Ulster Unionists has polled well with 5598.76 votes and Doug Beattie with 3085.58 votes