Dublin trip for Dromore beekeepers

THIRTY beekeepers from Dromore travelled to Dublin on Saturday June 11 as guests of County Dublin Beekeepers’ Association.

The Dublin folk demonstrated superb hospitality during the entire day. On arrival at the Dublin Botanic gardens the Dromore party were met by the entire committee of the County Dublin BKA and a very substantial morning coffee and sandwiches was served to all.

The morning was spent inspecting these wonderful gardens and the combined forces then moved to the home apiary of Keith Pierce, a master beekeeper and Dublin member.

Keith split the Dromore party into groups and a number of the Dublin people conducted each group around the apiary and inspected colonies. There was a wide range in expertise amongst the visitors but everyone was catered for from beginners to experienced beekeepers.

Keith himself gave a grafting and queen rearing display and demonstrated the use of his incubator for hatching queen cells and Joe Kelly demonstrated the preparation and use of Apidea mini-nuclei.

The sun shone all day and the Dromore folk enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the large apiary in an old orchard. They were able to sit and eat a snack lunch and wander around inspecting the layout. A large solar wax melter received a lot of attention and the group queried would they get enough sun this year in Dromore to activate one?

The combined group then moved to the beautiful Luttrellstown Castle Golf and Country Club for Dinner. There was no rush; everyone sat around on the veranda beside the club bar and enjoyed the mountain view before having an excellent meal.

Simon Rees, the Dublin Chairman formally welcomed the guests and Liam Murtagh, the Dromore Vice-Chairman, who was the senior officer present, thanked the Dublin hosts for their time and hospitality and especially Keith Pierce for the use of his apiary. He made a small presentation to both Simon Rees and to Keith Pierce.

Since the Dromore Association is now so large, not all members know each other, so many new friendships were made within the group and with the Dublin hosts.