Drugs concerns raised with local police

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Upper Bann MP David Simpson has met with local police officers to discuss concerns at the latest drugs related death in the town.

“The key topic of discussion was with the growing concerns and problems we are facing with drug abuse,” said Mr Simpson. “In recent times six people have had their lives cut short as a direct result of the consumption of drugs and urgent action must be taken to stop future incidents occurring.”

MLA Jo-Anne Dobson extended her sympathies to the family of Mr Finegan and urged the community to work together to eliminate drugs from the town. “We must work together to tackle this scourge on our community,” she said.

“I would appeal to the local community to be vigilant and if they are aware that people are dealing drugs in their area to report it to the PSNI. The police have carried out a number of successful drugs raids, so it demonstrates how important it is that the police are provided with the information they need to wipe out drugs from our community.”

Councillor Junior McCrum added: “It’s such a sudden and untimely death, just an awful thing that this young life has been cut off short. It’s a shock for his family and friends and indeed the whole community. Drugs are an awful curse and I would urge anybody who knows of anyone involved with or selling drugs to contact PSNI.”