Dromore motorist in call for Church Street barriers

Church Street Dromore � Edward Byrne Photography INBL1442-230EB
Church Street Dromore � Edward Byrne Photography INBL1442-230EB
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A frustrated Dromore motorist has suggested pedestrian barriers are needed along much of Church Street, both as a safety measure and to help ease congestion.

The local man, who did not want to be named, spoke out while welcoming last week’s news of a planned upgrade for the Church Street Zebra crossing.

He suggested a raft of roads measures were needed in town, insisting traffic bottle-necked in Market Square almost every afternoon and evening.

While cheering plans to improve visibility at the Church Street crossing, it would be better, he said, to replace the Zebra crossing with a push-button Pelican or Puffin crossing.

As previously reported, the relocation of the Church Street crossing remains a bone of contention locally, but with the authorities unlikely to bow to remaining pressure for a u-turn on the move, “safety barriers” along both sides of Church Street are the local resident’s answer to the persistence of some people in crossing at the former location. “Pedestrian safety barriers would need to be erected around the corner of Church Street, into the car park,” he said, “to stop pedestrians taking a short cut across the road opposite the Ulster Bank instead of using the crossing.

“Also I have seen children and people on bikes come out of this car-park junction the wrong way, crossing Church Street to the Ulster Bank and forcing motorists to brake hard. The entrance into this car-park from Church Street is a one-way system, which some people ignore.”

Turning to congestion, he added: “Pedestrian safety barriers also need to be erected on the Ulster Bank side of Church Street to stop motorists parking up on the footpath to use the cashcard bank machine, so blocking the Zebra crossing and the flow of traffic.”

A Dromore resident for more than 40 years, he said, he had seen congestion grow steadily worse as Dromore’s population grew and he felt the authorities were failing to properly plan ahead, either in terms of new housing or the roads network.

Recalling the link-road going in between Meeting Street and Banbridge Road, he suggested a new link road was needed, marrying Meeting Street to Mossvale Road, via Lower Mount Street. He also suggested the introduction of one or more box-junctions in Market Square.

“Roads Service and Planning Service should work together to solve the traffic congestion pronblems in Dromore Town Centre,” he said.

“As it is, traffic often comes to a standstill, with a queue of traffic backing up to the petrol station at Hillsborough Road.”