Dromore in line for Bill boost

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Community News

A Bill making its way through the Northern Ireland

Assembly could help reshape Dromore and empower its people to breathe new life into the town.

That’s according to Lagan Valley MLA and NI21 party leader Basil McCrea, who’s crediting the Regeneration Bill with the power “to make Dromore a much more dynamic place”.

Mr McCrea spoke in the Assembly on the Second Stage of the Regeneration Bill recently.

In providing what he called significantly enhanced powers for Banbridge District Council to act in the public interest, the Bill, he said, could make change happen in Dromore.

”For years,” he said, “residents and business-owners have been calling for action in Dromore to attract investment and improve the environment.

“Meetings have been held, people have spoken out, but, disappointingly, ambitious plans have often withered on the vine.

“Despite a consensus to move forward, the challenges proved too complex to resolve.

“Fortunately, the new Regeneration Bill going through the Assembly will provide the opportunity to change all of that.”

During the Assembly debate Mr McCrea spoke of a need to balance the desire to get things done with the rights of individual landowners, but local councils, he stressed, needed the power to take action when it was in the public interest.

“I would like to see the people given the power to enhance the local community in which they live,” he said.

“The Regeneration Bill is good news and the sooner powers are received the better, as it will give us the opportunity to make Dromore a much more dynamic place.”