Dromore High YPAD welcome

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The YPAD (Young Passengers And Drivers) project delivered through Banbridge Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) was recently welcomed by Year 12 students at Dromore High School.

These young people who may already be passengers in the cars of their friends and who will soon be drivers themselves were enabled by the school to participate in workshops that helped raise awareness about the consequences of unsafe behaviours both behind the wheel and in the passenger seat.

Banbridge PCSP Vice-Chair Mr Jonathan Murphy said: “The PCSP is very appreciative that our local schools have been willing to host the YPAD sessions as this is a crucial way of engaging with young passengers and future young drivers.”

He added, “On behalf of Banbridge PCSP, I am delighted to confirm that we were successful in securing funding from the assets seized from criminals for YPAD sessions in January 2014 tailored for local sixth form students which will focus on an live demonstration of a person extricated from a crashed car; and for a drugs and alcohol awareness raising roadshow that will be delivered during spring 2014.”

The workshops were facilitated by project partners including the PSNI Road Policing and Neighbourhood Officers; the SELB; the NI Fire and Rescue Service; Allstate NI; and Banbridge District Council community safety warden Helen Coop.

In recognition of Road Safety Week 2013, the YPAD session at Dromore High also welcomed the DoE to raise awareness of their current community road safety campaign, “Road to Zero”.

The next public meeting of Banbridge PCSP will be on Wednesday December 11 at 7.30pm in Banbridge bowling pavilion. The theme will be around local alcohol and drug-related issues and providing information, advice and support for local communities. Whilst individual cases cannot be discussed at this meeting, you can make an appointment to speak privately with any of the agencies who will be attending. For further information about Banbridge PCSP, its Members and the projects it supports, please contact the PCSP staffing team on Email: pcsp@banbridge.gov.uk or Tel: 4062 0248.