Dromore High pupils find funding for FAME

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DROMORE High school recently held a fundraiser during a young enterprise event in which 11 pupils took part, to raise money for The Friends of Africa Missionary Endeavor otherwise known as FAME

FAME is an Independent Evangelical Mission founded in 1996 by Northern Ireland’s Alan and Irene Dunlop.

In Kenya, water wells, a medical clinic, orphanage work and famine relief comprise the main areas of FAME’s service, things not only vital to community support in and of themselves, but which enable the mission to reach thousands with its message of Christ.

FAME has an all-African staff in its orphanage and clinic, which allows its missionary to actively pursue Evangelism in Schools, Churches, Markets and Saturday night video outreach in remote bush areas.

In July of this year Emily Hamilton, a pupil of Dromore High School, is going out with a group of 14 others to help with the work in Kenya.

They will be going for two weeks, from July 4-18, and whilse there they will be helping in the schools, taking meetings, conducting maintenance work around the compound, helping in the orphanage, leading activities with the children and helping out in the clinic in any way they can.

Thanks go to local businesses, Pretty Woman, Country Choice gifts, Riverside Tearooms, Dromore Meats, Serenity, Candles We Love and Elysia for their donations.

Pupils raised a total of £160.57, which Emily will take out with her in the Summer to give to the charity to help them in the clinic and with the orphanage.

If you would like more in formation on FAME log onto http://www.fame.uk.net.