Drivers ‘dicing with death’

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A Katesbridge resident has raised concerns about a dangerous junction, where an obscured view means motorists are ‘dicing with death’.

Peter McEvoy called on Roads Service to take action before ‘an individual or whole family are killed or grievously injured at the Garvaghy Post Office B25 junction’.

He said motorists merging from Barronstown Road onto the Waringsford Road cannot observe traffic to their right because of a large oak tree and high hedge blocking their view.

“Motorists are dicing with death for the sake of removing one tree and a couple of hundred yards of hedge,” he said.

“The cost compared to human life would be minimal as no tarmac or road alignment is required.”

Mr McEvoy went on to point out that the occupier would not lose any land in the procedure.

“The landowner will not lose any land as all is required is tree and hedge removed and a low wire stock-proof fence erected.

“Make and keep our roads safe,” he urged, “before anyone gets seriously injured or killed. “There is no use in shutting the door when the horse has already bolted.”

The Department for Infrastructure, however, responded to say this particular instance is not within their remit. Overgrown trees and hedges are the responsibility of private landowners/occupiers,” said a DFI spokesperson.

“TransportNI would remind landowners of their responsibilities to maintain their own boundaries, particularly at this time of the year.

“Where TransportNI have been unable to identify owner/occupiers, in the interest of public safety, TNI will cut back areas of overgrowth as soon as resources permit.”

Meanwhile, distraught cat lover Deborah Girvan of Garvaghy Road, returned home last Tuesday to find her beloved pet was killed on the road.

She rang the PSNI and was told motorists are under no obligation to report the accident. “That’s a disgrace,” she said.