Doyle hits out at 4x4 road tax increases

COUNCILLOR Seamus Doyle has hit out at road tax increases for motorists who drive 4x4 vehicles – fearing it could be detrimental to the farming community.

“Farmers and people who live in rural areas need 4x4 cars, this isn’t about being part of the city set who use their 4x4 vehicles to take their children to school – it’s a necessity,” he said.

“It’s an unjust tax to ask farmers to pay 400; they need their off-road cars for both farming and private means and during the winter time with snow and unsalted roads in the countryside – they are needed.”

Supported by councillors David Herron and Wilfred McFadden, and seconded by John Hanna, councillor Doyle asked the council to write to the Minister of Regional Development to state their objection to the road tax increase.

He added: “I’ve spoken to farmers about this and they’re very concerned and I do think there should be an allowance for those who live in the rural community. They should be paying what the average motorist is paying - between 130 and 190.”