Dorcas Group’s boxes of love for Malawi

Dorcas Group member Jean McCauley with some of the items the group has made
Dorcas Group member Jean McCauley with some of the items the group has made
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Many of the children who attend the David Gordon Memorial Hospital in Malawi under Dr Lyn Dowds a former Banbridge Academy pupil, have nothing, but one Dromore knitting group are determined this should not be so.

The Dorcas Group who meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month are holding a coffee morning on Saturday October 11 in Banbridge Road Presbyterian Church halls, to raise funds that will allow them to send out support.

“For the last two years we have sent out boxes” said Jean McCauley, one of the members.

“The hospital is of special interest to us as the doctor there is Lyn Dowds, formerly McCready, who came from Dromore. She went to the Primary School here and the High School and then went on to Banbridge Academy.

“Together with our knitting we have sent other things that Lyn has asked for. These include nappies, baby wipes and baby formula.

“Last year she also asked us to send used children’s clothes and we sent shoes which some of our mums from around the town donated after Lyn told us of one little boy who had been wearing a shoe that he had found that didn’t fit him.

Jean continued: “We hope to send 10 boxes out early in the New Year.”

The Dorcas Group took their name from the widow in Acts who was always doing good deeds and kind acts.

Jean said: “Dorcas is an example for all of us. In our group we try to help people across the world.

“There are babies wearing our vests, jumpers and hats and here in Northern Ireland there are premature babies in Craigavon Hospital who have our wee hats. This is what we do”.