'˜Donating kidney to Dad was the easiest decision to make'

The Co Down woman who donated her kidney to her father said it was 'the easiest decision to make '“ I had no hesitation'.

Sunday, 6th March 2016, 7:34 pm
Updated Sunday, 6th March 2016, 8:49 pm
Paul Magill and his daughter Adeva Hillis following the operation

Adeva Hillis, 25, from Banbridge underwent the transplant procedure with her father Paul Magill on Tuesday in Belfast City Hospital.

Speaking on Sunday from her home, the young mother said she was still “a bit sore”, adding that the pain was from “wind” and “not so much the wound”.

“During the operation they put gas into your body and then all the wind has to come out of you,” she said.

“Sometimes it is hard getting up and trying to walk, but it should clear up in the next couple of days.”

Mrs Hillis, who works at The Albert Bar and Snugg Restaurant in Banbridge, said her father hadn’t been well with kidney disease for many years, but “last January found out he needed a transplant because his kidneys had failed”.

“Then I got tested and it was the easiest thing for me,” she said.

“My father was very worried about me having more children and being ill but that didn’t bother me in any way.

“My dad bought us up - three of us - by himself and he has always been there for us and I was giving back to him.

“My mother passed away when I was only six years old.”

Mrs Hillis said her father has “missed out on a lot because of his lack of energy”.

“He has been quite miserable at times because he was always so tired.”

She said so far her father’s new kidney has been “working well, which makes it all so worthwhile”.

“But even if it didn’t, I had to take a chance,” she added.

“I am glad I did this. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

“It was one of those things that just came naturally because my father did so much for us,” she said.

“Now, for him to pick up would be great. I hope he gets a new lease of life and it is fingers crossed that everything keeps going well.

“In the hospital the nurses were fantastic but I found it hard to sleep – there was so much going on.

“But I was glad to get home on Friday for a good sleep.

“I also have an 18-month-old daughter who is walking and talking and I can’t lift her at the moment. She doesn’t understand why, but I will get better soon.

“Thankfully I will be getting help from family over the next few weeks to make it easier.

“To be honest, I expected to feel worse than I do – so that is another plus.”

Earlier, Mrs Hillis told of how she was “touched” by the support and well wishes she received on social media.

“I was really surprised at the messages I got but what I did was so easy for me,” she said.

“It has also been good to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation.”