‘Don’t give out details to unsolicited callers’

People in Banbridge are being urged by Police to never give out personal or banking details over the phone to unsolicited callers.

The warning follows a recent incident where a local resident was contacted by a male claiming to be part of a police community association.

The caller claimed that they were inviting local farmers to contribute to a book, at a cost, which would be distributed in the local area to raise money to support orphans and widows of the police force. The householder challenged the caller and he put the phone down. This was a scam.

A Police spokesperson said: “Never give your personal or bank details over the phone to an unsolicited caller.

“If you are unsure of a caller or feel that something is not right ask for details to ascertain their identity. Ask where they are phoning from, where they have got your details from and where they have obtained your telephone number. Ask them if there is a number you can phone them back on or if there is another representative from their company that you can contact.

“Legitimate companies won’t have a problem with you calling them back.”

Police would encourage anyone who receives a call of this nature to terminate the call and contact police. If a caller display is available, note the incoming number and give it to police- this will help trace the origin of the call. Police can be contacted on 0845 600 8000.