Doghouse swamped with pups after ‘depraved acts’

‘Sickening’ was how the Doghouse Sanctuary described one of the two separate incidents which last week found the team stretched to the limit, and tending to a deluge of puppies.

Wednesday, 15th October 2014, 7:26 am
The two little puppies that were dumped on the Newry to Dundalk carriageway

Two puppies which had been found dumped in a hessian sack at the side of the carriageway, were brought into the sanctuary on Thursday October 9 - just one day after a heavily pregnant abandoned collie, little more than a pup herself, had been taken in.

The Doghouse Sanctuary said: “The two puppies were brought to the sanctuary this morning after being found dumped late last night tied up in a hessian sack at the side of the Newry to Dundalk carriageway.

“They were starving, severely dehydrated and shivering with the cold. These depraved acts of cruelty are why we need your support.”

The pups were taken to Iveagh Vets in Banbridge where they were checked out, and after some food and a drink began to settle down after their horrific ordeal.

Safe and secure, the pups have since been reserved and will be off to their new homes next week.

Meanwhile, the heavily pregnant collie found straying, gave birth to a litter of pups the day after she arrived.

The Doghouse Sanctuary said when they received the collie she was completely shell shocked.

Once rescued she began to eat a little but the Sanctuary said: “What is wrong with people? This little dog is only a pup, heavily pregnant and dumped to fend for itself. She was so frightened.

“She is safe now but we are stretched to our limit, so please, please continue to support us with our appeal. We appreciate all help, food and blankets.”

The collie had six pups in total and they were all kept warm under the heat lamp. Had it not been for the sanctuary they would probably have been born in a ditch somewhere. They have so far been thriving and going on strong.

The Doghouse Sanctuary is a registered Charity working to prevent the unnecessary destruction of animals by taking them in.

With a no kill policy, they are committed to caring for the animals until they get a new home.

Winter is especially hard at the Sanctuary as the dogs require additional food.

Tony McAnearney is doing a bungee jump on Sunday October 19 to raise funds for the Sanctuary and to support him in his efforts visit