Dobson hits out at hospital waiting lists

The equivalent of over 20 per cent of Northern Ireland’s population is on a hospital waiting list, it’s been claimed.

Monday, 28th September 2015, 7:23 am
Jo-Anne Dobson leads the debate on the crisis in waiting times.

Local MLA Jo-Anne Dobson led the charge at Stormont last week as the crisis figures were debated.

The Ulster Unionist Party has raised the plight of the hundreds of thousands of people currently on a hospital waiting list across Northern Ireland and has warned that the growing delays in treatment are now compromising patient safety.

Party Health Spokesperson Jo-Anne Dobson said: “By June 2015 there were 373,000 people waiting for a first outpatient appointment, a diagnostic test or inpatient treatment at hospital.

“This was equivalent to over 20 per cent of the entire Northern Ireland population and demonstrates the frightening scale of the problem at hand.

“Not only are more people waiting, but the length of time that they have to wait is also spiralling.

“For instance 86,000 people have been waiting for their first outpatient appointment for more than 18 weeks, despite the fact that the official target is that absolutely nobody should have to wait this long.

“Every aspect of our health service is being affected. This includes vital core services such as cancer diagnostics and treatment.

“In addition a range of specialities such as general surgery and pain management are all reporting growing delays.

“The problem is now so urgent that patient safety is being compromised and to say that in 2015 is simply abhorrent.”

Former Ulster Unionist Party Health Minister Michael McGimpsey said: “Northern Ireland’s waiting times are now worse than in any time in recent history.

“ Targets in our health service are set for sound medical reasons, so the further we deviate from them the greater harm that comes to patients. Indeed, the Health and Social Care Board have themselves admitted that increased waiting times may result in delayed diagnosis of a serious or life-threatening condition such as cancer with reduced likelihood of a successful outcome.“Frustratingly however, at a time of one of the biggest crises ever to hit our health service, Northern Ireland has no Health Minister and does not look set to have one anytime soon.

“Without a fundamental change and without recognising that problem will only be resolved by having the adequate levels of staff and resources in place, the crisis we are now truly in the midst of, is only going to worsen.”