District’s war dead to be remembered at Solitude Park event

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Banbridge District Council together with Banbridge Clergy Fellowship is organising a Commemoration and Tree Planting Ceremony to mark the centenary of the commencement of The First World War.

The event will take place on Sunday 14th September at 3:00pm in Solitude Park.

This open air event will involve members of the District Branches of the Royal British Legion together with WWII Veterans, who will participate in the special tree planting ceremony to mark this significant date in our history.

The event will be compered by Mr Paul Clark.

It is the council’s intention that this event will help to broaden people’s understanding of the war and to commemorate and remember those who were involved in it.

“This centenary, provides an opportunity to bring people from various backgrounds together, to mark our shared history and to remember the family members who stood shoulder to shoulder with others from different religious and ethnic backgrounds, many of whom who did not return,” said a spokesman.

“It is important that their contribution and (in millions of cases) their ultimate sacrifice is marked in an appropriate and fitting way. “

Banbridge District Council Chairman, Councillor Marie Hamilton, and member of the Southern PEACE III Partnership said: “It is hoped that this event will engage all sections of our community and will help our young people to learn more about the facts of this significant, yet terrible time in our history.

“It was a war fought by people from every part of the globe which shaped the world in which we now live.

“I is important to remember the lasting effects that the devastation caused as a result to both civilian and military personnel throughout the world.

“We know that the war still has many personal connections for us all as individuals.

“Even though there are no survivors who fought in the war itself, so many families and communities were touched by the conflict and have a story to tell.

“Through working together, Banbridge District Council hopes this commemorative event will raise awareness of the sacrifices made by so many local families in the war and help ensure that; “Fear not that ye have died for naught; We’ll teach the lesson that ye wrought, in Flanders Fields (“We Shall Keep the Faith”, by Moina Michael).”

Also participating in the event will be local singers and musicians, together with students representing the district schools who will recite poetry written by those impacted by the war.

The event is being supported by Banbridge District Council’s Good Relations Programme, (part funded by OFMDFMNI) and the Southern PEACE III Partnership.

This is a free event and tickets are available from Banbridge District Council Civic Building and Council Leisure and Community Centres in the district.