Dilemma of locked baby change room


Banbridge council has apologised after a pregnant woman was left to change her toddler’s nappy on the floor of the public toilets, when the mother and baby facility had been left locked.

Eight-month pregnant Ashleigh Barr had been shopping in Banbridge when she discovered that her two year old son needed his nappy changed.

“I was shopping with my son on Saturday November 15,” said Ashleigh.

“After realising that he had a dirty nappy, I rushed to the public toilets to change him.

“When I went into the toilets and went to enter the mother and baby room I was unable to enter as it was locked.”

“I tried knocking the attendant door but nobody answered. How inconvenient - what is the point in this?”

“I had to change my son on the cold tiled floor of the women’s toilets.

“Not only was it uncomfortable for him to lie on, but embarrassing for us with other women using the facilities.

“I had to apologise to each woman that came in and explain that I had no where else to change him as the room was locked.

“I am totally disgusted at this - at eight months pregnant having to kneel down in public toilets to change a nappy is not acceptable nor is it hygienic or pleasant for anyone.

“It’s an absolute disgrace - I am so cross.”

After the incident Ashleigh complained to the council asking why the mother and baby room had been locked, and if this was normally the case.

Barry Patience, head of technical services, replied to Ashleigh.

“The supervisor has informed me that the attendant has apologised to him as they had cause to leave the toilets for a short while on Saturday,” he said.

“This should not have happened.

“The attendant locked the changing room as there had been issues with vandalism in the past.

“The staff member has again been informed that this is not appropriate.

“Sorry again for the inconvenience, but can I thank you for taking the time to let me know there was a shortfall in service at the toilets.”