Developers are ‘working tirelessly’ after landslip

HOUSING developers, WJ Law, who built Barban Hill Terrace some five years ago, said they had worked tirelessly with engineers and technicians to address the landslip that prompted the precautionary evacuation of terrace and Skeagh House residents alike.

To the rear of the terrace a retaining wall, built in 2003 to support the gardens, has reportedly moved, along with the wider area.

David Law of WJ Law said the developers had been monitoring the situation closely since Monday.

“Contractors were on the scene within hours,” he said, “to remove material from the rear elements of the gardens and specialist technicians were also at the site to obtain further data, establish the wider extent of the slip and bore holes to assist with the eventual design solution.

“On Thursday, around 400 tonnes of earth was removed and this resulted in the weight of slide diminishing. When it can be established that the landslip has stopped, the design for keeping the slope in place will be carried out and actioned.”

Mr. Law said the developers contacted residents immediately they became aware of the ground movement, to advise them that temporary measures had been taken to secure the area.

“Within a further 48 hours,” he said, “residents were advised to find alternative accommodation, as soon as WJ Law learned that there was a possible risk that houses could collapse.”

He added, “There is a wider slip of land occurring on which sits a wall which in turn supports the gardens of homes we built.

“Whilst there has been no evidence of movement whatsoever with the homes, a precautionary approach is being taken to ensure, first and foremost, the safety of the residents and owners.

“As yet, the reason for the wider landslip and the movement at the terrace has not been determined. However, we are determined to assist in trying to contain a dangerous situation.”