Debbie McKelvey

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SINGER-SONGWRITER Craig Hutton needs your vote! He’s familiar to many around Dromore, but the local boy has just been shortlisted for the unsigned artist song of the year competition, organised by United Christian Broadcasters.

Just last week, Craig found out that his song Mysterious Love, was one of five selected from among thousands of entries.

Craig said: “I was over the moon, I really couldn’t believe it. There were so many other beautiful songs - it was humbling to be chosen.”

The song was penned along with his dad Davy and was inspired by the mystery of God’s love. Craig said: “God’s love is unexplainable. You can’t put a label on it, but yet it gives us the freedom to live our lives. As the song says – we are free to love and free to cry.”

Craig, a former pupil of Dromore High School, is now involved with the Porch Project based just outside Ipswich. Working with deprived young people, Craig has a passion to help them through many problems from drug addiction to crime.

The name he sings under, White Goose Posse is drawn from a symbol used in Celtic Christianity, where the goose, unpredictable, dangerous and not easily constrained was likened to the Spirit of God. Craig feels drawn to the ethos of Celtic Christianity as it is simple yet fathomless in depth and wisdom and unites both Catholic and Protestant.

UCB Unsigned supports undiscovered Christian music by giving exposure to emerging artists and encouraging them. The 5 shortlisted songs have now been put to public vote and while competition is strong, White Goose Posse is bounding into the lead with around 40% of the overall votes so far.

Craig is not complacent though with other competitors gradually gaining ground, so for anyone who knows Craig or is interested in his musical talent and message, please take a few minutes to support him.

Voting is simple – just go to go to and nominate Mysterious Love. The closing date is December 17 and the winner will be announced 22nd December. We await the result with anticipation!