Davy was one of the last of his era from the Ballymoney Hill

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David Tumilty (Davy) passed away peacefully at his home 7 Mount Charles, Banbridge on Thursday 18th December.

He was born on 8th October 1924 to Susan and Daniel Tumilty.

One of six children, his brothers Brianey and Dan and sisters Mary, Susie and Maggie were a close knit family - always there for each other no matter what.

He was a much loved Dad and best father ever to Marian and Patsy and beloved husband, best friend and partner in life to the late Lily. They had been married for 54 years when Lily departed from us on 14 October 2003.

Davy was born just above McKinstry’s shop, then known as Hill Street. He went to primary school at Dromore Street just where the pallings of St Patricks Church are.

In his words, “we kicked ball and played on the hill for many hours” with family and friends when they were young. He danced in St Patricks Hall, Temperance Hall, Tanvally and many more dance halls. Davy loved music and could have sang you a song or two.

Davy lost his mother at the young age of eight, and his father a young man.

Four members of the family went to Annaclone and his eldest sister stayed at home and minded the baby there with help from good friends.

The family home was always Hill Street where he visited regularly. Davy went to Annaclone school and went to a lady called Susan O’Hare whom he classed as his second mother. He stayed with Susan and her family until he was 25.

Davy met Lily and they were married on 1st August 1950 in Laurencetown Chapel.

They set up home in Chiefs Row and later moved to Laurencetown, but he still went to Annaclone on a weekly visit as his heart was always there.

They went on to have Patsy and Marian, who their lives revolved around and then the grandchildren came along. Davy loved nothing better than to hear what they were all up to and if they were all happy and healthy.

Davy was a hard worker and cycled for 12 years to Mullafernaghan where he was a farm labourer for Joe Hail.

Later Davy worked for Frazors, Gilbert Ash and Breen Morgan Construction attending brickies and plasterers.

He spoke fondly of Breen on many occasions and travelled every day in a van with his work-mates and had a long fulfilled working life.

Davy also loved to plough with the horses when in Annaclone and had a huge affection for horses.Davy and Lily moved back to Banbridge to Hillside Park for a short time where he had many good neighbours but his heart was always over the water bridge to Hill Street and up Ballymoney Hill to Mount Charles. They were at Mount Charles for 32 years when they later purchased their home and took great pride in it.

One of Davy’s grandsons Michael did a lot of work for him and as usual everything had to be done right away.

The birds were fed every morning. The little dog and fox ornaments Lily bought years ago took pride of place on his doorstep.

Another grandson Conor helped his Grandad regularly in the garden, which was his pride and joy. Davy always supervised any jobs being done at the family home which therefore resulted in a difference of opinions on some occasions.

Davy’s other grandchildren Donna, Elise and Damien and his Great Grandchildren, Rebecca-Lily, Ryan and Charlotte visited often and he loved to see them coming.

Davy was surrounded by a good family and kept his chin up when he had a tear in his eye about Lily or the rest of his family. Davy was dealt a huge blow when he lost five family members in the space of 2½ - 3 years.

He was very fond of sport and supported Manchester United.He also had a great passion for Gaelic football and Hurling and enjoyed the All Ireland Finals which he attended many times. As a young man, he was a Cavan supporter because Ulster didn’t have their teams until latter years.

Davy enjoyed many hours as a Caretaker in St Patrick’s hall. His brother Brianey and himself loved a game of billiards and enjoyed the craic in the hall together.

Davy loved watching snooker and the football on TV with his son Patsy.Davy made many friends in life , and would never have passed you without a smile or a joke.

On reflection, with Davy what you saw was what you got. He was a fair and kind man. Davy would have helped anyone – that was his nature.

Davy had a great love for his Parish and St Patricks Church, Dromore Street, and had a very strong faith until his death.

Within the last few months he wasn’t always able to attend Church but listened to the service on the radio every Sunday morning and ensured his filled envelope was always ready. His family and friends were remembered every night in his prayers.

He loved nothing more than to get in the car with his daughter Marian and son-in-law Frank and drive around the countryside and observe the farming communities.

You would always have seen Davy with his cap and his stick away up the town to socialise ar his local, catching up with friends or off on the bus.

He just loved to get out and about and talk to people. His son Patsy and daughter-in-law Anna would have taken Davy and Lily on holiday, but he wasn’t a great holiday man and often told Lily to “run on.” If Lily was happy, he was happy.

He also loved to get to Conor and Louise’s for tea and maybe watch a football match.

In September this year he lost a true friend – a Collie named Patch who belonged to his grandson Michael but every night Marian brought him to see Davy where Patch would lie at his feet waiting for the biscuits to appear.

The family were very blessed to have their Father in such good health and sound mind – to recall past and present events, places and peoples names were no bother to him at all. He also had very good humour to the very end.

Davy’s largely attended funeral took place on the 21st December to Saint Patrick’s Cemetery, Dromore Road, Banbridge and was such a mark of respect to him and told a story of a genuine, respected, kind and loving Man, Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather.

He is now at peace where he has longed to be with his beloved wife Lily RIP. Much loved and missed always.

A verse from one of his favourite songs which he sang on many occasions was -

When you come and all the flowers are dying

And I am dead as dead I nere will be

You shall kneel and tell me that you love me

And I shall sleep in peace until you come to me

Davy Boy

Dedicated by Marian and Patsy as a tribute to their Beloved father RIP. Our Lady Pray For Him.