David’s in a spin as Fidget toys fly off the shelf

David Abraham
David Abraham
  • Toy is latest craze to take over the playground
  • Some believe it can help give up smoking
  • Businessman inundated with requests for Fidget Spinners

It’s the latest craze to sweep the country with lorry loads of Fidget Spinners emptied within hours.

One local businessman has described how his phone has been red hot with requests for the hippest toy in the country.

A tactile, highly portable and easily affordable toy, Derrytrasna businessman David Abraham says he has been inundated with requests for Fidget Spinners and Cubes.

While the hypnotic whirl is being touted as an antidote to anxiety, the toy has also proved a very popular playground game.

David said: “They are small toys, primarily designed for autistic children, however they have become extremely popular among children and adults.

“They are designed to help focus the mind and are believed to be stress relievers. I am told they can be of help to stop smoking as well,” said David.

I didn’t believe a lump of plastic and a ball bearing could be so popular but boy was I wrong

David Abraham

While there are many designs including standard plastic, LED and aluminium, some models online fetch hundreds of pounds.

However David’s models are in and around the £4 mark. “I find the most requested are the LED and glow-in-the dark models,” said the 30-year-old.

David, who started Esky Repair in 2013 fixing mobile phones and tablets after repairing them as a hobby for many years previous, said his suppliers had been telling him about this craze since Christmas.

“I didn’t believe a lump of plastic and a ball bearing could be so popular but boy was I wrong,” he said. “I have been blown away by the popularity and my phone hasn’t stopped since the craze kicked off two weeks ago,” he said.

So far he has sold hundreds with a few more deliveries still to come. “It’s getting hard to keep up with the demand.

“I sold a few to parents of autistic kids and they have contacted me to let me know how successful they have been,” said David. “One mum hugged me she was so pleased at the difference it had made to her child,” he said.

If anyone wants one call David at Esky Repairs on 07933553383 or contact him via his Facebook page www.facebook.com/eskyrepair/?pnref=lhc