Cycle-lane call follows A1 Carriageway death

Fundraisers at Bow Street
Fundraisers at Bow Street

A concerned Dromore resident has added his voice to those calling for action following the recent death of a local cyclist on the A1 carriageway.

Dromore man John Flynn (51) died following a collision with a lorry on the A1 while cycling between Dromore and Hillsborough.

At least one local man believes the authorities should consider introducing a cycle lane on the hard shoulder on both sides of the A1 between Newry and Lisburn.

“Roads Service could provide a smooth, coloured surface wide enough for a cycle lane on the hard shoulder, still leaving distance from travelling vehicles in the nearside lane,” said the man, who did not want to be named.

“Cyclists would feel safer with a cycle lane . . . With cycling becoming more of a popular way of transport and being a sport, all roads which are wide enough or with a footpath should have a cycle lane installed, colour-coded surface and cats eyes lights installed to help with safety.

“This cycle lane could also be used by pedestrians on roads such as the Lurgan/Diamond Roads in Dromore where the footpath only reaches one or two miles outside the town.

“I walk on these roads myself less now because of safety concerns and the high volume of vehicles. Sometimes I have to stand up on to the grass bank when vehicles approach.

“The hard shoulder is designed for emergencies and 90% of the time is not being used. Part of the M21 motorway hard shoulder is shared for a bus lane so the hard shoulder of the A1 could be shared for a cycle lane/pedestrian walkway.”

The local man further suggested, following the recent road death of a child at Cloughmills, that schoolchildren should be supplied with reflective vests.