Cut driving costs by making simple changes

WITH the cost of petrol and diesel at an all-time high, most motorists would love to be able to cut the amount of money they spend on fuel. And this could be a lot easier than you think, by making some small changes to how you drive your car you could save up to 29.5 per cent on your annual fuel costs.

For an average motorist this could be around £750 a year.

Car insurance expert Admiral has joined forces with motoring journalist Quentin Willson and Global Action Plan to see how so called smarter driving could save motorists hundreds of pounds in fuel costs. Smarter driving involves making changes to how you drive, such as better anticipation of the road ahead and the way you use your car, such as closing windows when driving on the motorway. This in turn means you use less fuel and so save money.

With the help of Global Action Plan, Admiral has calculated that motorists could cut their fuels costs by up to 29.5%. For a typical motorist this could equate to around £736 for an unleaded car and £775 for a diesel one.

So what exactly can motorists do to save this money? Firstly you should look after your car. Keeping tyres properly inflated can cut 3 per cent off fuel costs, keeping fuel filters clean can save two per cent and having your engine serviced regularly can save 4 per cent.

When you get behind the wheel you can make further reductions in the amount of fuel you use by way you drive. Anticipating the conditions ahead means you brake less frequently and heavily. Using your gears efficiently and getting into the highest gear as soon as possible cuts down on the amount of fuel you use. Both of these could cut your fuel costs by 7.5 per cent.

How you ventilate your car when driving also makes a difference. When on the motorway keep your windows shut, the drag it causes is inefficient, shutting them could shave 4 per cent off fuel costs. While in the city try to keep the air conditioning switched off, that could save a further half a percent.

Finally excess weight in your car is also inefficient, so ditch the junk in your trunk. Remove non-essential items from your boot to save another 1 per cent.

Acting Admiral managing director, Dave Halliday said, “With the cost of petrol and diesel continuing to rise who wouldn’t want to cut their annual fuel costs? Our advice is straightforward, and even if you don’t want to follow every tip, just following a few could save you money.

“Also by burning less fuel each year you will lower your carbon emissions, so smarter driving is good for the environment as well.”

Admiral and Quentin Willson have produced an easy to follow video to show motorists exactly how they can drive smarter and save money on their fuel costs. It can be found at