Your memories of Banbridge bomb

Newry Street was devastated by the bomb.
Newry Street was devastated by the bomb.
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THURSDAY past saw the 14th anniversary of the Banbridge bomb.

On that day nobody, thankfully, was killed although 32 people were injured.

It caused devastation to the commercial heart of Banbridge with many businesses suffering signficant damage.

The incident was seen as a dry run for the Omagh bombing which took place exactly two weeks later at approximately the same time, with the same size bomb and even the same type of car being used.

On the anniversary we asked for your memories of that day on Facebook. Here’s what you had to say:

Sam Boyd - “We were on holidays at the time and came home shortly after to find our town in rubble. How nobody died is miraculous. I don’t think those people could ever break the Banbridge pride and spirit.”

Damian McAleavey - I’ll never forget that day as long as I live. It was nearly total carnage. It could have been as bad as Omagh.”

Sharon Brennan - “Oh yes, it was the first time I took my daughter over. She went to the park in Loughbrickland while I went to McGrath’s with Attracta Savage. We got told to get out and I was making our way down the hill when the bomb went off. All you could see was a mushroom of smoke. I went home the next day, I was terrified.”

Kelly McClimond - “I had just left the town on foot with my nephew. We just made it to mum’s front door when the bomb went off!! A sad day.”

Alexander Cupples - “We heard the explosion from Glasker, three miles away.”

Jackie Harvey - “I was at the Retreat getting a make-up trial done for my wedding which was two weeks later on the 14th which, of course, was the day before the Omagh bomb. We got told to leave and I was driving down Kenlis Street when the bomb went off.”

Sharon Bell - “My best friend Nicola and I had just started to walk up the allyway beside Iceland. Thank goodness we weren’t a few moments later. It was the most frightening day ever.”

Robin Morrison - “I was standing in Donaghys getting my children sportswear for school when Mrs Donaghy called on us to get out - I had to wait while my daughter changed out of a pair of trainers. I looked out of the front door and saw the car that was carrying the bomb. We made a quick exit out the back door, into the car and headed out of town. We heard the bomb going off when we hit the outskirts of the town!”

Claire Cowan - “I was in Solitude telling my mates that there was a bomb scare in town just as the bomb went off behind me - scary stuff how close so many of us were to the actual explosion.”

Karen Lennon - “I was working in Jimmy’s Jet2 petrol station on Dromore Road. We kept hearing lots of different stories from people coming in. There were no mobile phones back then either so we couldn’t check on anyone. Very scary.”

Steven Fulton - “I had just left Banbridge about five minutes after being in town with mates when the bomb went off. We wer traveling back home by bus when it went off.”