Woman told to seek help for addiction

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A 41 year old Tandragee woman who admitted taking drugs and driving her car under the influence, has been told to seek help for her addiction.

Appearing before Banbridge Magistrates Court last Thursday was Janet Bryans from Sinton Park Tandragee, who had taken plant food before being detected behind the wheel of her car.

She was sentenced to five months in prison, which was suspended for three years and fined £250.

She was also banned from driving for three years and ordered to pay an offender’s levy of £15.

Bryans was spotted by police officers driving near Gilford on 10 November last year in the early hours of the morning.

Officers watched her weave from side to side crossing the white line and using her brakes frequently and irregularly.

Her pupils were noted to be constricted and when she was ordered to get out of the car, she fell over.

She failed a preliminary test and an alcohol reading showed 12mg of alcohol on 100ml of breath - meaning she tested negative.

Again she was under the legal drink drive limit and officers sought to carry out a blood test to prove the presence of drugs.

An error occurred and the blood couldn’t be taken.

A solicitor said her client pleaded guilty and had been taking drugs - plant food - on the evening in question.

District Judge Mr Paul Copeland noted this was now her third conviction for drugs offences.

The solicitor said, “She is a 41 year old single lady who lives alone. She admits to taking plant food and on this night she made the foolish decision to drive a short distance to Laurencetown.

“She has since disposed of the car and acknowledges she has a problem with drugs and intends to attend her GP and engage in whatever is necessary.”

Mr Copeland commented on Bryan’s alarming record saying she was on the verge of going to jail.

“You have been given a big chance here so take it.” he said.

Bryans was warned that if she doesn’t pay the fine she will face 14 days in jail.