Widow is ‘tower of strength’

KATE Carroll has been a tower of strength since her hudband’s tragic murder thrust her into the public eye.

Monday, 2nd April 2012, 5:32 pm

Ulster Unionist councillor Carol Black paid the tribute to the policeman’s widow after Stephen Carroll’s murderers were convicted last week.

“These guilty verdicts bring to an end a long and difficult time for the Carroll family and whilst some closure may have been brought by these guilty verdicts, the hurt will remain with Kate and her family forever.

“No-one can comprehend the strain placed upon them following the callous murder or her husband while helping to keep you and I safe. I would like to say to Kate ‘You have been a tower of strength not only to your family but to many men and women who have lost their loved ones through similar circumstances. You have remained calm and dignified and stood proud to get justice.”