Was aggressive and abusive to police officers

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When he became involved with police a 23-year-old man used abusive language towards them and assaulted an officer.

Philip Wilson, Larchwood, Banbridge, admitted disorderly behaviour, assaulting a constable and resisting an officer when he appeared last Thursday at the local magistrates’ court.

For each offence he was put on probation for 12 months.

Wilson also fined £200 and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy for possession of cannabis on July 31 last year.

The court heard that on May 31 last year at approximately 1.10am in Church Square, Banbridge, police were with a man when the defendant approached.

He was asked to step back to give police space but became aggressive and used foul language.

One of the officers was hit on the shoulder by Wilson who said to him ‘you are just a f****** queer’.

On July 31 police carried out a search of the defendant’s home and found cannabis in the bedroom.

Wilson accepted it belonged to him and was for his own personal use because he was addicted to it. The value of the cannabis was £40.

A barrister representing Wilson said that a close friend of the defendant had lost a child tragically.

Police attention had been drawn to this person because he was consuming alcohol outside a bar. Wilson had not consumed any alcohol. He was there to keep an eye on his friend.

He added that when police arrested his friend Wilson intervened.

In relation to the cannabis offence the lawyer said the defendant had a difficulty with it and had referred himself to his doctor.