Warning of bogus phone scams

A BANBRIDGE resident had a lucky escape after a telephone scam last week.

The Iveagh Drive resident received a call late last month from someone claiming to be from Sky who then asked for debit card details which were refused. Police have warned people who may be potential victims of similar scams to beware.

A spokesperson said, “Police would remind members of the public never to give out personal details over the phone to unsolicited callers. If you are unsure of a caller or feel that something is not right then ask for details to ascertain their identity.

“Ask where they are phoning from, where they have got your details from and where they have obtained your telephone number. Ask them if there is a number you can phone them back on or if there is another representative from their company that you can contact.

“If you are still unsure about them then contact the company or business to check if the call is genuine. Legitimate companies won’t have a problem with you calling them back. Never give any of your personal details over the phone.

“Anyone who believes they may have been victim of this type of scam or has any concerns should contact police in Banbridge on 0845 600 8000.

“The PSNI recommend that you store the number 0845 600 8000 in your mobile phone or speed dial at home under ‘police’ so that we are easily contactable when you need us.”