Used profanities about God

A 19 year old Gilford man who shouted obscene language at police including profanities about God, is a born again Christian, heard the local court last Thursday.

Jonathan Brady from Dunbarton Street was bound over to keep the peace for two years in the sum of £250 and prohibited from drunken, disorderly and aggressive behaviour.

The court heard how at 2.45am on April 19, police observed Brady running along Dunbarton Street in a disorientated manner.

When approached by police he became verbally abusive shouting, “God will judge you he will f***ing strike you down. Go ahead f***ing arrest me.”

He continued to be aggressive and had to be restrained. When cautioned the abusive language continued.

A solicitor said his client had no recollection of the incident as he was extremely intoxicated.”

“He does not normally drink and deeply regrets the profanities especially about God. He is a born again Christian and deeply regrets this.”