Urinated in police cell after his arrest

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After a drunken man was arrested for a public order offence he urinated in a police cell which had to be deep cleaned afterwards.

Connor Quigley (22), Edenderry Park, Banbridge, was fined £150 last Thursday at the local magistrates’ court for disorderly behaviour on January 25 this year.

He was also fined £100 for criminal damage to a police cell and ordered to pay £70 compensation.

The court heard that at 9pm Quigley, who was highly intoxicated, was shouting and swearing loudly at Edenderry Park in Banbridge.

He was warned about his behaviour but continued and was arrested.

In custody he urinated in a police cell which had to be deep cleaned at a total cost of £70.

A solicitor representing the defendant said he had been at his uncle’s house.

He said his client had taken quite a lot of alcohol.

The defendant believed it was a litre of vodka.

He added that Quigley had no recollection of what happened and was genuinely remorseful for the incident.

The solicitor said Quigley had a quite limited record but it was reflective of his difficulties with alcohol.

He explained that for the past six weeks the defendant had been attending counselling to deal with his addiction issues.

Deputy District Judge John Rea said this was a nuisance offence.

He added that Quigley had not taken the advice of the police.

He warned the defendant that he was building up a record for this type of behaviour.

He told Quigley that if he came back to court again for a similar offence he would be going to jail.