Turned off his lights

A Banbridge driver who “panicked” and turned his lights out after “cutting” a roundabout, found himself charged with dangerous driving at last week’s local court.

Jamie McElherron (21) from Brookfield Meadows was banned for a year and fined £150.

He was also told he must sit an extended driving test at the end of his disqualification period.

Last week’s court how he was spotted by police at 3am on 8 January last near the Peggy’s Loaning roundabout.

He approached the roundabout from Huntly at very high speed and cut across the roundabout across the path of a sitting police car.

He switched off his lights and at one stage was observed straddling both lanes of traffic.

Police activated emergency lights and stopped McElherron.

Solicitor Mr Downey said this was a “classic case” of someone having panicked.

“He cut the painted roundabout and that in itself was not the aspect of the charge. The police vehicle was sitting there.

“It was a wide road, he panicked and thought he was in trouble for cutting the painted roundabout.

“He turned off his lights and drove through a built up area which was very well lit and there were no other road users about.”

Mr Downey described his client as a “responsible young garage mechanic

Mr. Downey said his client now stands to lose his job if he is not able to drive and fulfil all his duties.