Took out policy of insurance half an hour after being stopped by police


A Banbridge man caught driving with no insurance, has been fined £250.

Daniel Kean from The Cut, who was a restricted driver at the time, was awarded six penalty points on top of two existing points he had for not displaying “R” plates.

District Judge Mr Paul Copeland banned Kean for four weeks and in addition issued a £15 offender’s levy.

The offence came to light on 7 April when police observed a Vauxhall Corsa being driven at Drumneath Road.

They followed it and stopped the car when checks on the database revealed no insurance. Kean later attended the police station and produced a certificate of insurance which showed he took it out 31 minutes after being stopped by police.

Solicitor Mr Gillen said Kean had taken the car for its MOT the previous day when he discovered a problem with a wheel bearing.

He said Kean was taking the car a short distance along with a mechanic from his local garage.

Mr Gillen said his client had been for a job interview in Dublin and had been offered a position which involves driving.