Told police he found drugs on the ground


A Laurencetown man caught in possession of Class B drug Mephedrone outside the Belmont Hotel, has been given 160 hours Community Service.

John Mackin (26) from Halls Mill Green appeared before the local court last Thursday and was warned by the Judge that he must complete the hours on time with “no whinging.”

A PPS prosecutor told the court how in the early hours of 16 March police were on public order duties outside the Belmont Hotel when their attention was drawn to Mackin.

He appeared nervous and fidgety and was touching the waistband of his trousers.

A search revealed a small clear bag containing a white/yellow powder.

During interview three days later, Mackin claimed he found the bag lying on the ground when leaving the nightclub, but said he did not know what was in it.

Solicitor Mr Downey said his client stupidly put the bag in his pocket and he had “no intention of taking them.”

“He admits he has a problem with cannabis in the past and a conviction.

“However he was wholly co-operative with police when apprehended and pleads at the earliest opportunity.”

District Judge Mr Copeland said, “You have a history of being involved in the possession of controlled drugs. When put in context I find it extremely difficult to accept you found these drugs. In fact I don’t believe a word of it.

“You knew fine well what you had and you didn’t pick it up off the ground. You are capable of working a Community Service Order which is unpaid work on behalf of the community

“If you don’t do what you are told when you are told with no whinging, then you will be back before the court.”