Threw paint on car in casual act of vandalism

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A 55-year-old man who threw white paint over a car paid £100 to cover the cost of the damage, Banbridge Magistrates Court heard last Thursday.

Richard Gerard Scullion, Millmount Court, Lurgan Road, Banbridge, at a previous court pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a car on June 24 this year.

The case was adjourned to see if compensation could be made and last week’s court was told the £100 had been paid.

A public prosecutor said that at approximately 3.10pm the injured party parked her car at Millmount.

At 4.20pm the defendant began shouting abuse from the window of his ground floor flat.

When the woman returned to her car there was white paint on the bonnet and paint was still dripping from the vehicle.

Police followed a trail of paint to Scullion’s front door and there was white paint on his hands.

He said he didn’t remember doing it but accepted it was him and offered to pay for any damage.

A solicitor representing the defendant said the incident was all about the consumption of alcohol.

The solicitor told the court that there had been no ongoing dispute between his client and the injured party.

He added that Scullion would say he is not consuming alcohol at the moment.

District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland, pointed out that Scullion was subject to a suspended sentence and this was another brick in the wall of his constant offending.

Imposing a conditional discharge for 12 months the judge said this was a ‘casual act of vandalism’.