Thieves who trashed gran’s house ‘scum’

A WOMAN whose mother’s Carnew home was ransacked by thieves has branded those responsible as ‘scum’.

Thursday, 29th March 2012, 5:24 pm

The burglary was one in a series of break-ins last week, some of which saw a television, jewellery and a quad stolen from the Dromore and Dromara areas.

All the burglaries took place during daylight hours on Tuesday March 20 and Wednesday March 21.

In Tuesday’s incident the senior citizen had left her Carnew home around lunchtime to pick her grandchildren up from school last Tuesday March 20 and by the time she returned home just over an hour later she found her house had been broken into.

The woman, who did not wish to be named following the shocking break-in, found her home “trashed” and her daughter said she could not understand why the criminals broke in but did not steal more valuable items in the house.

“My mum was scared and in complete shock when she got back to the house,” she said. “They trashed almost all the rooms, ripping down bedroom cupboard shelves, going through all the drawers.

“But they only took a small amount of money. They left laptops, the television, cameras, phones and other money. Spades were also missing from the back of the house but we later found these had been thrown into the field beside the house.”

The victim’s daughter said she was disgusted at what had happened, and was afraid someone had been watching the house and tracking her mum’s movements.

“They are scum and need caught,” she said. “I would love their families to know what they are up to or. And I would like to ask how they would feel if it was their house or their mum’s, granny’s, sister’s, wife’s house.”

The woman said she suspected the family pets had also been victims of the attacks, having been out of sorts for days after the incident.

“I’m assuming they beat our two dogs as it took a while for them to get back to their normal selves. We have one large and one small dog and the burglars would have faced the big dog when they broke the door in.”

On Wednesday thieves broke into