Thefts from cars causing concern

Motorists in Gilford are being reminded to hide their valuables when leaving their cars following a number of incidents over the last five weeks.

Seven cars have had been targeted by thieves with a number of these broken into. Items taken from the vehicles include sat navs, car stereos and handbags.

Constable McArthur, Banbridge and Gilford NPT, explained: “Theft from vehicles is largely opportunistic - if a thief sees something of value in your car they will find a way to get it. You only have to leave your vehicle for a short time for a thief to act.

“The most important preventative step you can take is to ensure that your vehicle is properly secured when you leave it.

“By taking simple precautions such as locking all windows and doors and storing valuable items in the boot of your car, or removing the face plate from your in-car stereo system you can help ensure that your valuables will be kept safe.”

Police say that improving your car’s security features such as alarms, prominent VIN number markings, immobilisers and tracking devices can also help protect your vehicle and your valuables and can significantly improve your chances of not becoming a victim of this type of crime

As it only takes a matter of seconds to break into a car, police are also reminding local residents to promptly report any suspicious activity they notice near vehicles or car alarms that have been activated, as this will help to deter and detect those involved in this type of crime.

Anyone with information in relation to the recent thefts or who would like further crime prevention advice on this or any other subject is asked to contact police in Banbridge on 0845 600 8000.