Stop criminals ‘Going for Gold’

THE PSNI Crime Prevention Officer for Banbridge and Craigavon is reminding householders to take steps to protect their treasured jewellery.

Leaflets with the headline ‘Going for Gold’ have been designed with simple, practical steps householders can take to reduce the chance of their jewellery being stolen.

Crime Prevention Officer Michelle Wilson said: “Gold and other jewellery items are an attractive prospect for the unscrupulous burglar or robber as they can be easily transported from the scene of a crime and sold on quickly.

“Having your jewellery stolen can represent much more than a financial loss. Many pieces have emotional attachments or sentimental values for their owners and these can never be replaced. Criminals do not care about the feelings or what a piece of jewellery means to an individual, all they care about is what they can get for it.

“Much of the ‘Going for Gold’ advice is simple and common sense but by adopting these crime prevention techniques into your everyday security regime you are significantly lessening the possibility that you’ll be targeted and helping protect your most cherished jewellery and the memories they represent.”

The Going for Gold leaflet includes the folloiwng advice:

- Don’t put all your jewellery in one place.

- Consider investing in a home safe or safety deposit box.

- Ensure your jewellery is insured and photographed.

- Make sure your home is locked and properly secured at all times.

- Be discreet - try to keep expensive items of jewellery covered from view when out and about.

If you would like further advice on protecting your jewellery, you can contact your crime prevention officer on 0845 600 8000.