‘Stolen gun’ was a made up story


When he lost his legally held gun a Banbridge man told police it had been stolen in a burglary at his home.

The alleged break-in was investigated by police but eventually Timothy John Hudson (23), Kiloanin Crescent, Banbridge, admitted he had made up a story.

At a previous Banbridge Magistrates Court he admitted wasteful employment of police time on January 7 last year and failing to comply with the conditions of a firearms certificate.

He was given 80 hours community service and ordered to pay £486.35 compensation.

The case had been adjourned so that a pre-sentence report could be obtained.

The court heard that on November 11 last year police were called to the defendant’s home. He reported there had been a burglary and a legally held firearm stolen.

There was no sign of forced entry but Hudson said the back door was loose and someone could have come through it, found the key to the gun cabinet and taken the gun.

The defendant was asked to attend at the police station to make a formal statement but he did not turn up and police became suspicious.

He was arrested in relation to wasting police time and admitted he had made up the story.

Hudson said he had taken the gun from the cabinet and went to a friend’s house with the intention of going hunting.

However police arrived at that house and he panicked, putting the gun in a dog kennel.

When he went back a few days later it was gone.

A public prosecutor said that a crime scene investigator attended at the defendant’s house and the total cost was £486.35.

A solicitor representing Hudson said he was willing to pay compensation.

He added that the defendant completely panicked at the time and for some bizarre reason he put the gun in the dog kennel.

The solicitor said Hudson was now in employment and this offence was totally out of character.

Deputy District Judge Laura Ievers said the pre-sentence report indicated Hudson had a lot to offer and community service was the way to deal with this matter.