Speeder undertook car in front of police

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After breaking two speed limits a 19-year-old man then ‘undertook’ a vehicle on the A1 dual carriageway, Banbridge Magistrates Court heard last Thursday.

Benjamin Thomas Davis, Ravenswood, Banbridge, admitted driving without due care and attention on January 3 this year.

He was fined £300, ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy and given five points.

The court heard that a police patrol was entering the A1 from Banbridge when a vehicle behind them pulled into the offside lane and drove at speed.

It was travelling at 80mph in the 60mph area and when it entered the 70mph zone the speed went up to 90mph.

Police then used blue lights to try and stop the defendant who had performed an ‘undertaking manoeuvre’ on a car in front of him in the outside lane. He eventually stopped for police.

A solicitor representing Davis said his client was going to meet his girlfriend who lives in the Loughbrickland area.

He explained that the defendant had been in the overtaking lane and a car in front of him had been doing about 55mph so he became impatient and foolishly overtook on the inside lane.

The solicitor added that Davis was in a first year apprenticeship as an electrician in Dunmurry and had a part time job in Newry at the weekend so his licence was important to him.

District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland, said this was poor driving and that the defendant could have caused an accident. He added that Davis was an industrious young man and he hoped he had learned his lesson so he would stay his hand at disqualifying him.

“You can consider yourself very fortunate not to be disqualified today,” the judge told Davis.