Smashed windows at ex-partner’s home

A 45-year-old Banbridge man who smashed the window of his ex-partner’s home after being refused entry, appeared before the local court last Thursday.

Brian Liggett, a care assistant from Edenderry Mews agreed to a number of charges including criminal damage being withdrawn, and he was bound over to keep the peace for two years in the sum of £500.

He was also prohibited from aggressive and hostile behaviour.

The court heard how on 1 December police received a report of a male smashing windows at a house in Gowanvale Drive, Banbridge. When they arrived Liggett had a shovel raised above his head and they ordered him to put it on the ground.

When arrested he said he was “not getting in so put the windows in.”

The court heard the incident had taken place at the home of his former partner with whom he had recently had a baby.

The female told police she found the incident alarming but bore no malice towards Liggett. She was compensated for the damage to the window and damage caused to a phone.

Solicitor Mr Michael Gillen said the difficulty was not between the injured party and Liggett, but in fact her brother: “There had been an altercation between the defendant and him and my client was being locked out. He took matters into his own hands.”

District Judge Mr Paul Copeland told Liggett, “If you can’t conduct a relationship with this woman without the risk of confrontation then you need to think long and hard about any relationship with her.”