‘Sick, sore and tired’ after seventh robbery

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THE proprietor of a Newry Street newsagents has said she is “sick, sore and tired” after the SEVENTH armed robbery on her shop.

Around 8pm on Thursday, 6 December, a male entered Doreen McCreedy’s shop in Newry Street and approached the counter. He had a white pole in his hand and demanded money. He made off on foot past the Downshire Hotel with a small sum of cash.

“What can you say. I’m so fed up with it all,” said Mrs McCreedy.

“The man came in and demanded the money. He didn’t get much but I’m just so glad that the young girl who was working that evening didn’t come to any harm.

“I can’t understand why they keep targetting us - maybe we are seen as an easy touch. They never seem to come when I’m here or when my sons are working. It only seems to happen when the young girls are working.

“Maybe someone just needed some extra money for Christmas. If they did they shouldn’t be doing things like this.”

Mrs McCreedy said that the events of the evening had caused her a lot of worry.

“This is the seventh time that something like this has happened to us,” she said. “Things had just started to settle down after the last two men had been sentenced but this has just caused more concern for us.”

In June 2011 two men waving a hammer ran into the shop and forced their way behind the counter where they threatened a girl on the till to give them money and cigarettes.

Just four nights earlier a man entered the shop and pulled a hammer from his sleeve before demanding money.

Detectives in Banbridge are appealing for information following the robbery.

The man was wearing a black padded jacket, black gloves, dark clothing and a balaclava. He had a strong, deep voice and spoke with a southern accent.

Police are appealing to anyone who witnessed the incident or has information in relation to this to contact them on 0845 600 8000. If you prefer to provide information without giving your details you can contact the independent Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.