Sick footage of blow to face uploaded to internet

THIS is the sickening moment a teenage boy is kicked in the face as youths fight in broad daylight in Solitude Park.

The fight, which was filmed on a mobile phone and uploaded to the internet, has been condemned by Banbridge councillor Brendan Curran.

And the Sinn Fein representative says he will be calling on the police to investigate the incident.

He described YouTube as a social networking site which provides an opportunity for new social and cultural experiences which could be a tool for broadening the individual’s horizons and building a better society.

The councillor called upon Google, who own the website, to clamp down on footage of this nature being uploaded.

He pointed out that the content of this video was evidence of assault and could be used as evidence against the two youths involved.

He said, “I would remind those who post material of this type that they are making it available to the world and once posted there is no taking it back.

“This video could come back to haunt the youths involved and could damage their future prospects.”

The footage begins with the two boys grappling and throwing each other to the ground. It then escalates to punches being thrown before one of the boys stamps on the other and then delivers two sickening kicks to the other boy’s face.

At the end a crowd of other teenagers can be seen walking away after watching the fight.

Thankfully, it appears both boys escaped relatively unharmed.

Meanwhile, a member of the public, who brought the video to the Leader’s attention, says she is appalled at the footage being uploaded to the internet.

“This clip can be viewed by people all around the world and sends out the wrong image of Banbridge,” she said.

“I am so thankful that the boy who got kicked was able to walk away.

“If it had been any harder, who knows what injuries he could have suffered. His parents could easily be at his bedside in hospital now.

“There is a time and a place for playing and I understand that boys will be boys but this is just vicious.

“I am a parent myself and I understand how hard it can be to know where my children are every minute of the day, especially during the school holidays, but I would urge parents to do their best to ensure their kids aren’t getting themselves into fights such as this.”