Shouted and swore at police

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A Banbridge man currently on remand in custody on arson and drugs charges was given a suspended prison sentence last week at the local magistrates’ court.

Robert Foster (39), Hillhead Gardens, Banbridge, admitted, through his solicitor, a charge of disorderly behaviour on July 29 last year.

He was sentenced to one month in prison, suspended for 18 months.

The court heard that on the afternoon of July 29 at the Castlewellan Road, Banbridge, Foster was seen walking on the footpath.

Police noticed that he attempted to conceal something and was acting suspiciously. When police said they were going to search him he became agitated and said he would phone his solicitor.

He started to shout and swear and referred to the police as ‘f—kers’ and made a hand gesture towards them.

Mr Gabriel Ingram, representing the defendant, said his client had been in custody since September 26.

He added that the offence was essentially verbal abuse and at the lower end of the scale.

Deputy District Judge, Mr Paul Conway, said severe language was used by Foster shortly after four in the afternoon when there would have been members of the public around and young children coming from school.

Mr Ingram said Foster felt he was being harassed by the police at the time.

At the same court Foster was fined £50, with three penalty points, and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy for not wearing a seat belt while driving on July 24.

The court heard he was seen driving without his seat belt on between Hillhead Gardens and Ballygowan Road, Banbridge.

Mr Ingram said that Foster was subject to a nine month disqualification. He was in custody on other matters.

Foster was also in the video remand list.

He is charged with arson and possession of a class B drug on September 24 and possession of heroin, cannabis and diazepam on September 26 last year.