Shoplifting woman back in court again

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A woman who once told a judge her stealing days were over and that in future she would not even take as much as “a penny chew”, has been back in court for shoplifting.

Jade Duggan (27), of Laurel Avenue, Coleraine, made the chew comment at Ballymena Magistrates Court last April where she was given a two-year conditional discharge for stealing goods worth £10.88 from the Braid River filling station in Ballymena.

In 2015 Duggan appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court and admitted stealing clothing worth £21 from a Red Cross charity shop in Coleraine.

Recently she pleaded guilty to stealing air fresheners, a candle and washing capsules worth £9.07 from a pharmacy in Coleraine last November.

A prosecutor told Coleraine Magistrates Court on February 19 the defendant apologised for the latest matter.

Defence solicitor John Murphy said the items taken were of small value.

District Judge Peter King said there was a positive report from probation and there had been no further offending as he imposed a two-year conditional discharge.

He said he was not activating a suspended sentence but said he was varying it to run for the next thirty months.