Sent explicit images to his ex-partner’s family

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A man who sent explicit pictures of his ex-partner to her father and family, has been sentenced to three months in jail.

The court heard that Hugh Smyth (35), had four children with the victim and he had sent the images along with the words ‘your lovely slut of a daughter.’

Smyth, of the Spires Dromore, pleaded guilty to causing anxiety by improper use of telephone communications system.

The court heard that on the April 24, 2016, the defendant sent a number of text messages and picture messages to the injured party and her family showing her in various stages of undress.

Jailing Smyth for three months District Judge Rosie Watters said the incident was “dreadful” and “awful” and her sentence was not just for him but to deter other people thinking of doing that to their ex-partner.

Prosecution said that one of the pictures he sent to members of her family contained a sexual act and the words “your lovely slut of a daughter.”

A defending solicitor told Lisburn Magistrates’ Court that the pair have four children together.

Defence said: “In relation to this offence it wasn’t just out of the blue, there had been a build up of texts between the two but what the defendant did was wholly unacceptable.

“A group chat had been set up. He accepts that he sent pictures to her, it was bad enough to send them just to her.

“They do have four children together; the defendant has supervised contact with them.”

“He had alcohol taken at that time, the social worker identified that alcohol counselling should be undertaken. Alcohol has been a major factor in these offences.”

Sentencing Smyth to three months in prison, Judge Watters added: “I think this is just absolutely awful. I do think you minimized it when you spoke to probation.”

Smyth replied: “Genuinely I am sorry, I felt sorry at the time.” He was granted bail pending appeal.