Residents ‘living in fear’

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RESIDENTS in Reilly Street are living in fear after a series of attacks on their homes and cars in recent weeks.

Upper Bann MP David Simpson, who made the claim this week, has called on local police to do more to stop the “plague” of anti-social behaviour.

One local man is believed to have had his car damaged three times in recent weeks, costing a significant amount of money to repair.

The local MP said, “The residents of Reilly Street have over the past number of weeks and indeed months been plagued with anti social behaviour and particularly the targeting and damaging of residents vehicles.

“The youths involving themselves in this unacceptable and indeed unnecessary behaviour need to face the rigours of the law and I would encourage anyone who sees anything untoward happening in the area to contact the PSNI immediately.”

Mr Simpson said he is keen to meet with local police to see how the problem can be addressed.

“Residents are fed up with these unprovoked attacks. They are living in fear and particularly the elderly folk residing in the area.

“It is time that action is taken by the PSNI to eradicate this recent spate of attacks. I will be meeting the neighbourhood policing team on this matter and intend to speak with them regarding the possibility of commencing a neighbourhood watch scheme.”

A police spokeswoman said, “Banbridge Neighbourhood Policing Team are working with their partners to address antisocial behaviour concerns in Reilly Street.

Officers are talking to local residents and working with the appropriate agencies to find solutions and move forward.

No one should have to feel intimidated or threatened by antisocial behaviour however it is an issue which cannot be dealt with by police alone. Education for those who indulge in antisocial behaviour is as crucial as enforcement and we would ask the residents of Reilly Street to work with us.”

Anyone with information can contact the NPT in Banbridge on 0845 600 8000.