Residents concerned as break-ins continue

Sydney Anderson MLA
Sydney Anderson MLA

Local DUP MLA Sydney Anderson, has expressed serious concerns over the spate of thefts and burglaries in the The Tudors/Chinauley Park, in Banbridge.

Up to eight homes have been broken into in the past year and Mr Anderson is hoping to help set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in the area.

Mr Anderson stated, “I have been informed by local residents that up to eight burglaries have taken place in the The Tudors/Chinauley Park area over the period of the last year, with the most recent incident taking place earlier this month when thieves stole jewellery and sentimental personal items from a home.

“Local residents who live in the area are greatly alarmed about what has taken place in recent times.

“Ultimately, the problem of burglaries in the local area is a cause for major concern and it is imperative that the despicable individuals behind such burglaries and thefts are apprehended and subsequently brought to justice.”

He feared that the Tudors was becoming an ‘easy target’ for thieves.

Sydney Anderson MLA said, “That is why numerous incidents of burglaries has occurred over a relatively short space of time.

“The point could be made that the close proximity of these homes to the A1 road is allowing those who carry out such crimes quick and easy access to the area.

“It is therefore of utmost importance that a strong response is forthcoming to combat the threat of such burglaries occurring in the future.

“I now intend to liaise closely with local residents to meet the PSNI and to also have discussions with the Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon Policing and Community Safety Partnership with the view to setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme in the area.

“In my opinion it is imperative that the police also continue to conduct anti-burglary patrols and have a visible presence on the streets to prevent and deter such burglaries from taking place.”