Ran towards sister’s boyfriend with a kitchen knife

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During a domestic incident a 29-year-old man ran towards his sister’s then boyfriend with a kitchen knife in his hand.

Kevin Dale, Grove Hill, Banbridge, admitted possession of an offensive weapon on October 24 last year.

He was sentenced to three months in prison, suspended for 18 months.

The court heard that at 3.25am police went to an address in Banbridge as a result of a domestic incident.

When they arrived they heard shouting and the smashing of glass inside the property. They found glass in the hall.

Dale had a black handled kitchen knife in his hand and was shouting at the injured party before running towards him with the knife still in his hand.

The defendant was highly intoxicated and very aggressive.

Dale told police that the injured party “goes with my wee sister” but that was “no excuse to go at him with a knife”.

A barrister representing Dale said that the relationship between his client’s sister and the injured party, who never made a complaint to police, was no longer in place.

District Judge, Mr Peter King, told Dale that any allegations of what was done to his sister were best left to the authorities.

He also pointed out that Dale had 32 previous convictions on his record.