Police warning to public in good weather

WITH the welcome warm weather police are asking the local community to behave responsibly during the summer months.

Often the good weather will move people outdoors and this can bring with it an increase in noise and antisocial behaviour and we would ask that you think about your neighbours, local community and the area.

When alcohol consumption is involved there is potential for trouble and disorder. The police and partners are encouraging people not to drink in public areas, informing them that it is illegal to do so.

Police will be working to ensure that everyone can enjoy their activites safely and peacefully. We want people to be able to enjoy themselves with friends and family, but to do it responsibly and with consideration for others.

Officers will not hesitate to enforce legislation and bye-laws, and where possible will confiscate or seize alcohol and report people to local Councils, the Public Prosecution Service or Youth Diversion Officers.

Drinking excessively can lead to anti-social behaviour, people feeling intimidated, assaults and other crime. It is the local community that pays the price, so I would urge people to think before they drink.

Police would like to remind people that it is illegal to: Consume alcohol in any designated street or public place, For under 18’s to drink alcohol in a public place, Police will not hesitate to enforce the legislation and where possible confiscate or seize alcohol.

In addition, any adults found purchasing or supplying alcohol for use by juveniles may be liable for prosecution.